Dear Colleague

This Risk Assessment was done for a large inner city hospital's Intensive Care Unit some years ago I am making it available to anyone who would like a copy completely free.

Restraining a patient on a bed in a ITU setting has many challenges. For example, a patient coming out from sedation  may be confused and frightened and this can lead to them thrashing around on their bed. This can result in then pulling out any lines attached to them causing themselves harm. 
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There is also a lot of equipment in the area, some of which may be connected to the patient in the bed, which makes it difficult for staff to intervene to hold a patient effectively and as the patient's behaviour is involuntary this also made the risk of assault to staff unpredictable in many cases as patient behaviour was not premeditated.

Also, there is little or no policy or procedure or training in this area, so staff have to rely on their own personal judgement which may be different for each member of staff making it hard to get a co-ordinated and effective team response.  

To address this I worked with staff in an ITU setting some years ago. We ran some pilot courses and consulted with all the ITU staff. I also requested and looked at all of the various guidance documentation from the various nursing associations. 

Together we looked at alternatives to physically holding a patient and assessed the environment and all the other factors and the outcome of this was this document which was very well received. 

Considering the current pandemic and the fact that there is now a massive increase in people in ITU's across the UK due to Covid-19, I sincerely hope that it helps.

To download a copy simply enter your details in the boxes above. 

Yours sincerely

Mark Dawes